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Home schooled teen uses AR 15 to slaughter family


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  • Home schooled teen uses AR 15 to slaughter family



    shall we make the (il) logical leap that home schooling played a part in this tragedy ?  Or was it the religious indoctrination.. or perhaps the irresponsible storage of firearms


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    If only his parents would have had an assault rifle in the house for protection....


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      Let's first be sure of the weapon used in the murder. "They" seem to be botching that lately.
      Help me understand...we need to attack Syria because Syria attacked Syria?


      • kav
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        From the original link:

        "Local media said the home schooled teen wasn

      • coyote-1
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        It's crucial they get the technical details of which semiauto the shooter used. It's because the media doesn't get those details right that so many get killed.

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      At around 1 a.m., the gun-toting goon crept into his mom


      • Davo17
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        Zooey wrote:

        At around 1 a.m., the gun-toting goon crept into his mom

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      I am sure the hysterical have heard of copy cat.


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        Other possible headlines depending on one's Agenda:


        - Teenager of Italian descent slaughters family
        - Teenager with disproportionately large ears kills family
        - Rural New Mexico Resident Slaughters entire family
        - Results of DNA test to determine if teen killed his real father to be revealed on Jerry Springer Show
        - S


        “Music is well said to be the speech of angels... nothing among the utterances allowed to man is felt to be so divine."

        ~Thomas Carlyle


        • Philter
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          Yet the fact remains he used an assault rifle to get the job done. Wake me up when someone goes on a killing spree with their collection of paper mache masks.

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        Obama's fault no doubt.