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    SHRED wrote:

    He's just peeved because he didn't get to spend the money on something to buy votes in his district.

    Too bad nobody asked the turtles who didn't get squished by passing traffic what they thought of that tunnel.

    I do wish senator McTurtle would just go away. Maybe he can demonstrate how unnecessary that tunnel was by crossing on the road surface. Assuming a passing semi doesn't get him.

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    How Come Other People Can Get Away With Jokes Like That?

    Face it Tea Bagging Neo-Cons...if Reagan ran today, you'd be calling him a RINO socialist! -- scott666

    Barack Obama must be kenyan - everytime he speaks they trot a translator out the next day to explain what he said.-- ToBeAnnounced

    And even then some people still don't understand.-- RogueGnome


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      SHRED wrote:

      The one and only Post Turtle.

      Don't even bother. You can't win.

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      • RogueGnome
        RogueGnome commented
        Editing a comment

        Figures that Mitch McConnell wouldn't be able to understand that the tunnel is not for turtles; rather it is so that the automobiles aren't driving over the turtles which are crowding a busy highway, US Highway 27 near Tallahassee.

        Drivers slam on their breaks trying to avoid them, causing accidents.

        Don't ask the minority Senator from Kentucky to understand this.

        He is very busy with his top priority which is to deny Barack Obama another term.

        oh wait.