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Ayn Rand is for children

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  • Ayn Rand is for children

    Great essay. So true.

    Ayn Rand is for children


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    Even if I bought an ounce of Rand's philosophy, Glenn Beck would not be one of the people that would be missed.

    "The jerk store called and they're running out of you"- George Costanza


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      How long before they ask for federal bailouts like Rand's biggest fanboi did?








      • ryan7585
        ryan7585 commented
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        I get the principle but it's basically never put into practice by anyone. Why? 

        Because as smart as Rand-fans like to think they are, the fact is that NO human being is smart enough to live that way and retain good morals. We don't have the ability to consider all of the consequences of our actions like that. We simply don't have the brainpower to visualize that effectively. If we did, we could predict the future. 

        Technology is making Rand's vision more of a possibility, but it's a long way off from eliminating all the issues. And anyway technology will lead us into a much more comprehensive vision than rand ever had... So really, Rand is quite irrelevant at this point.

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      Philter wrote:

      Great essay. So true.

      Ayn Rand is for children


      With this week

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      How Come Other People Can Get Away With Jokes Like That?

      Face it Tea Bagging Neo-Cons...if Reagan ran today, you'd be calling him a RINO socialist! -- scott666

      Barack Obama must be kenyan - everytime he speaks they trot a translator out the next day to explain what he said.-- ToBeAnnounced

      And even then some people still don't understand.-- RogueGnome


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        Philter wrote:

        Great essay. So true.

        Ayn Rand is for children


        With this week

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        • newbie chick
          newbie chick commented
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          Has anyone seen the resident Objectivists on the new Harmony Central software platform?  I have noticed a lack of TEAparty idiocy and mentions of Rand Paul since the switch over and I am wondering if TheFyn or Archer6 have been spotted?

        • arcadesonfire
          arcadesonfire commented
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          I was always baffled when i was a Christian who studied the bible and prayed everyday, always baffled as to why Christians weren't all pro-socialism. When I was a religious Christian, i believed that the ideology set forth by my God trumped any pragmatism. Even though they wouldn't use the words "idealism" or "pragmatism," sermons were constantly championing ideals like "faith conquers all," and Jesus's teachings about everybody being your neighbor, about sharing everything, about the last will be first, etc., all seemed to me to match with the bleeding-heart economics of "from those according to their means to those according to their needs."


          So I was baffled why Christian leaders, such as politicians, would champion the free market rather than "if it's got Washington's face on it, it belongs to Washington." I was even more baffled why they would champion Rand, an atheist who believed charity was not a virtue.


          I'm guessing that politicians do it to win votes. I'm guessing that laypeople who claim to be Christian and Rand fans haven't done that much reading. It's a shame, but most people ain't that bright. But yeknow, we all deal with a world full of other people. We're all affected by other people--including the ones who haven't done their reading. So to give up on helping other people live better lives and make better decisions probably won't be very good for us.


          Rand was from Russia right? An ex-pat from the time of the commie revolution, right? So, in the same way that communist idealism lacked detailed foresight and led to some pretty shitty simplistic application of an ideology, Rand fired back with some simplistic thinking that lacked detailed foresight.


          That's what i'm guessing. But i've never actually read either book. Would i think differently if i had read one of her novels?

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        She was a hypocrite par excellence.  Took government benefits, but concealed her real identity.


        http://www.alternet.org/story/149721/ayn_rand_railed_against_government_benefits,_but_g rabbed_social_security_and_medicare_when_she_neede d_them

        .................................................. ..........

        The words fill my head
        And fall to the floor,
        If God's on our side,
        He'll stop the next war.

        ... Bob Dylan, 1963


        • thefunkman
          thefunkman commented
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          Link to original story:


          From the article:

          Put all this together, and I