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    While she's talking, I'll use my mind to think of other things. She can't stop my mind!

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    Are you drunk, or just stupid?

    Originally Posted by Papa Grizzly

    Auntie Em just piddled her knickers.

    Originally Posted by 55gibby

    It's OK that you're a dumbass... but it's not OK that you're boring. If you're going to be stupid, a least be funny

    Originally Posted by Hoddy

    First off, I'm not Hoddy, and secondly as far as groveling is concerned, probably about as much as Johnny66 or Daddysguitar did when they were banned.


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      newbie chick wrote:

      Are you drunk, or just stupid?

      Now here is a forumite who could be easily be replaced by automation. Just set it to witless and prolific and let it go.


      While they were ****************ing with the forum they could have at least made some useful changes.