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  • This is unbelieveable

    China's mobile phone users reach 1.11 billion


    Holy smackers.


    cell phone


    The number of mobile phones owned by every 100 people reached 82.6 by the end of 2012, up by nine from a year earlier, according to the statement.

    Last year, the country recorded 125.9 million new mobile phone users, among whom 104.38 million were 3G mobile phone users, bringing the total number of 3G users to 232.8 million, the MIIT said.

    The ministry said the number of Internet users rose by 51 million to 564 million people, among whom 74.5 percent, or 420 million people, surf the Internet with their mobile phones.

    The Internet penetration rate reached 42.1 percent by the end of last year, up 3.8 percentage points from a year earlier.


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    "Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a look at the American Indian" — Henry Ford

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    china just skipped the whole land line thing and went straight wireless for the majority of their population.  there never was a landline infrastructure that covered most of the country so it's no surprise that wireless is the perfered method of communication. 


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      My land line went away a few months back.

      Next up for extinction - the desktop computer.


      • Minning Around
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        BA.Barcolounger wrote:
        My land line went away a few months back.

        Next up for extinction - the desktop computer.

        I agree on the land line but desktops rule. So much for less money. More comfort, spaciousness, performance, you can't drop it or get it ripped off, everything about desktops is better than laptops except for mobility. Plus, look at the big screen on my desktop - awesome. Laptops suck. I have one and rarely even use it.


        Oh, did I forget to rag on batteries? Argh.


        Just remembered:
        China sucks.