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  • Corey Booker

    This time, he was out rescuing a dog.  All I can say is, dogs living in Newark are damn lucky he got elected.

    Current global warming temperature trend: 0.05ºC per decade, plus or minus 0.1ºC (source: UN IPCC AR5) ...Yes, the error rate is higher than the estimated rate of change.

    "Anthropogenic global warming is a proposed theory whose basic mechanism is well understood, but whose magnitude is highly uncertain. The growing evidence that climate models are too sensitive to CO2 has implications for the attribution of late-20th-century warming and projections of 21st-century climate. If the recent warming hiatus is caused by natural variability, then this raises the question as to what extent the warming between 1975 and 2000 can also be explained by natural climate variability." --Dr. Judith Curry, chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology

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    He's a truly decent man...incredibly rare these days, especially in politics.




    • guido61
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      Corey Booker for President in 2024! (After 8 years of Hilary Clinton...)

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    A rising star along with Julian Castro.  It will be interesting to see what path his career takes.

    "Anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever is either a madman or an economist." Kenneth Boulding


    • larry50
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      note4note wrote:

      A rising star along with Julian Castro.  It will be interesting to see what path his career takes.

      Don't forget his twin, Joaquin, just elected to Congress. 

      Castro and Castro in 2024!

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    He will most likely be the next Senator from NJ in 2014
    Appears the singers biggest problem is pitch and to much lesser degree his tone or phrasing. --- chord123


    • Alndln3
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      I remember he also helped residents shovel snow 2 years ago after a blizzard while Chris Christie was in Disneyland in Florida.