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Federal Government Declares Itself Royal!


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  • Federal Government Declares Itself Royal!

    Man's Got To Know His Limitations........

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    Another long crap outa Long Crapper's mouth


    • Fred Fartboski
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      Belva wrote:

      Another long crap outa Long Crapper's mouth

      It's always some one else's crap coming out of LC"s mouth.

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    This thimble-wit doesn't understand the meaning of the word, "royal." He doesn't understand that Congress has exempted themselves from all sorts of things. This is nothing new. It comes under the heading of "Executive Privilege;" the exemption of a politician in office from some laws while in office. This was done because occasionally the president as to do something illegal in the course of running the country.
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    How Come Other People Can Get Away With Jokes Like That?

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      The President has to do something illegal......