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Beijing Takes Emergency Steps to Fight Smog


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  • Beijing Takes Emergency Steps to Fight Smog

    It doesn't get anymore real then this. Either companies find a way to deal with their pollution or someone does it for them because they've lost control themselves. The cost of these people being unable to work plus the companies profit losses... is it really worth it?


    Beijing Takes Emergency Steps to Fight Smog


    The Beijing government put in place emergency measures on Wednesday to try to combat thick smog that has encased the city, which the Communist Party has hailed as a showcase capital, in brown and gray soot. The measures include temporarily shutting down more than 100 factories and ordering one-third of government vehicles off the streets, according to official news reports.


    The effort came on the second straight day of air that was rated

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    All those government regulations are going to hurt their economy. Business should be allowed to pollute at will.


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      As the economy grows so does the danger to human life. It's time we find a better way of doing things.

      The economy exists only with the consent of the environment and, in order for those who only understand money to get it, it is imperative that we implement a carbon tax as soon as possible.


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      from the deepest hell to the highest states.

      It is up to you which one you choose to explore


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          Carbon tax....lol

        That's what the world needs, a billion more unemployed