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  • That's one. So this guy grew up in poverty, ends up at the top of the star selling mortgages to those who could not afford it because HE did not want to end back up in poverty. I feel for those in poverty but he screwed over others and jeopardized them. Apparently he doesn't know the meaning of making an honest buck.


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    Good, it's about time some of these economy-killing shysters start getting a serving of JUSTICE! -Adam
    Originally Posted by nicholai

    He seems to like bacon a lot......

    Originally Posted by Luigi

    Jesus probably doesn't love everyone, especially ****************************s. He probably wants to punch them but He won't. That's what makes him Jesus.

    Originally Posted by GuitarNoobie

    ...we should be talking about the national debt, the number of incarcerated citizens in this country(the prison industrial complex), the military industrial complex, the so called war on drugs and corporations/banks that are running over people and buying our politicians...


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      Interesting that nobody above him got any signficant penalty.  And what about the banks auditors and regulators?  Didn't they actually AUDIT anything and see this?