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If Obama had a son he'd do - :-O

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  • If Obama had a son he'd do - :-O

    Obama not sure he'd allow a son to play football - Yahoo! News


    Goodell: 'Absolutely' would let son play football - Yahoo! Sports



































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    Shut up erwin, no one ****************ing cares


    • Shaun_Micallef
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      It has come to my attention that you once had another Harmony Central account with the name "Scott Glover". Apparently the avatar image for Scott Glover was this smiley face from\_emoticons/default/unsure.gif\_emoticons/default/unsure.gif


      And let's not forget:

      Shaun\_Micallef wrote:
      yanktar wrote:

      Compared to Wyn Belorusky, VisScoti is a bleeding-heart liberal! Not surprising he's now a long-term contributor to a neo-f@scist web-site digging up every kind of lie about "lib'ruls".  He's VisScoti's kind of fellow-traveller.

      Well, hello, YankTar. Can you tell us more about our friend Wyn Belorusky? Seems you know him quite well. ViscontiSmiley.gif


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      Originally posted by mikekapus
      You've got to respect the guy for making the decision to go and then carrying through with it. No Bitching. No Whining.

      It sure beats the whiney crybabies who posted their intentions to leave the board, pitched hissy fits, cried, whined and sniveled until other board members led them back to the fold like little children and wiped away their tears. I have no respect for them.
      That's BS. Wyn was BANNED from the WR because of his perpetual abusive behavior. I won't speculate as why he chose not to post at all, but if I did I wouldn't be so praiseworthy of his motivation. Other board members convinced their FRIENDS to return. Your definition of childish and by implication, manhood isn't mine.
      Shaun\_Micallef wrote:

      Wow, it looks like yanktar and Visconti (Wyn) have been at each other's throats for years!


      It also looks like time has proven yanktar and Jimmy Carter to be right on with regards to the Iraq war!


      Great bikes Visconti (Wyn)!





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    **************** off fatty Wyn. 



    • Daryl Flynn
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      Obama is a cigarette in England.

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    I played high school football and I'd advise my son to not. The brain takes a brutal pounding in that sport. I expect them to totally redesign helmets in the near future. They will be big soft pillows.


    And then there is boxing, ultimate fighting, etc. They should be wearing helmets in those too. I have zero doubt about that one.


    "Faith ruled the Dark Ages."