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    Congressional Pugilists, a 1798 political cartoon depicting the fight between Griswold and Lyon.

    Federalist Congressman Roger Griswold of Connecticut attacked Vermont Representative Matthew Lyon with a hickory walking stick in the chambers of the United States House of Representatives. Griswold struck Lyon repeatedly about the head, shoulders and arms, while Lyon attempted to shield himself from the blows. Lyon then turned and ran to the fireplace, took up a pair of metal tongs, and having armed himself thus returned to the engagement. Griswold then tripped Lyon and struck him in the face while he lay on the ground, at which point the two were separated. After a break of several minutes, however, Lyon unexpectedly pursued Griswold again with the tongs, and the brawl was re-ignited.

    The two men had a prior history of conflict. On January 30 of that year, Griswold had publicly insulted Lyon by calling him a coward, and Lyon had retaliated by spitting in Griswold's face. As a result of Lyon's actions in that case, he became the first Congressman to have charges filed against him with that body's ethics committee, although he escaped censure through a vote in the House.

    May 22, 1856

    Congressman Preston Brooks of South Carolina famously assaulted Charles Sumner of Massachusetts for a previous speech of his, saying his uncle Andrew Butler took "a mistress who, though ugly to others, is always lovely to him; though polluted in the sight of the world, is chaste in his sight

    Roll Tide!!!!!

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    What is the point of this thread Captain Coleman?

    Originally Posted by Papa Grizzly

    Auntie Em just piddled her knickers.

    Originally Posted by 55gibby

    It's OK that you're a dumbass... but it's not OK that you're boring. If you're going to be stupid, a least be funny

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    First off, I'm not Hoddy, and secondly as far as groveling is concerned, probably about as much as Johnny66 or Daddysguitar did when they were banned.


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      What is the point of this thread Captain Coleman?

      He doesn't know either.

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    a little bit of arkansas history.


    how fortunate for governments, that the people do not think!In the past quarter century, we exposed biases against other races and called it racism, and we exposed biases against women and called it sexism. Biases against men we call humor.—Warren FarrellCanada: What Britain would become if it got fat and had its' nuts cut off.Obummer says I can has freeberty!