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About Ron Paul's comment concerning Chris Kyle.


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  • About Ron Paul's comment concerning Chris Kyle.

    With all of the beating up of Ron Paul for his comments following the murder of Chris Kyle, I think it's important to remember something. Chris Kyle was murdered by a fellow Iraq War veteran who, apparently, developed PTSD after serving in Iraq.

    The Iraq War was one in which Ron Paul campaigned against long and hard because of its uselessness in terms of the defense of our nation. Iraq was no threat to us then, and had we not invaded it wouldn't be a threat to us today. But invade we did, and thousands of Americans were killed in that war, and as a result of that war.

    Chris Kyle was a casualty of a war that never should have been fought. I agree that Ron Paul shouldn't have made that comment, because as a veteran himself, I don't believe it accurately reflects his beliefs regarding military veterans.  And no....I don't believe Kyle deserved those words.  He, like so many others answered his nation's call and did what he was asked to do.

    But if you're going to be angry with Ron Paul for his words....then be even more angry.....be outraged....be incensed....with those who caused his death and the senseless deaths of thousands of other Americans.

    Ron Paul wasn't one of them, and had his words been heeded years ago, Chris Kyle and others would still be alive.

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    "live by the sword; die by the sword"

    that was a horrible thing to say?

    To you I'm an atheist; but to God, I'm the Loyal Opposition.


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      RogueGnome wrote:

      "live by the sword; die by the sword"

      that was a horrible thing to say?


      He basically said "whatever".