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Narcotics in vagina and the long arm of the law!

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  • Narcotics in vagina and the long arm of the law!

    Woman admits to hiding meth in her vagina after K9 locates drugs in vehicle.  Are people born this dumb or do they grow into it?   Do you believe any of these people will soon change and become law-abiding citizens?  In hindsight, this drug bust could be the best thing to ever happen to these people. 

    Everybody is terminally ill.

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    Some are born stupid. Some become stupid when they're offered money to smuggle dope. And some just don't understand how good a dog's sense of smell really is.

    I'd have called this thread "The Long, Smelly FINGER Of The Law," but the results are the same.

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    How Come Other People Can Get Away With Jokes Like That?

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      Hate is like taking poison, hoping the other guy gets sick.

      How above being tricked are you? Take the test


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        I might have lost a braclet inside there too.

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      How about this scenario?  The woman was drunk, passed out, and someone put the drugs in her vagina without her knowledge.   Initially, she felt something a little different "down there", but recently she had been around the wrong crowd.  It wasn't until the vehicle was searched that she suspected the presence of the drugs.  Just an idea for her defense attorney.

      Everybody is terminally ill.