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We got some real professional cops


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  • We got some real professional cops

      Muscle Shoals Al. police officer arrested for shooting deer from patrol car www.privateofficer.com

    Colbert County, Ala. Dec 30 2012

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    That Ok.  We have some real professionals here too.  Utah Highway Patrolman charged with cyber harassment, cyber stalking, and rape.  Too recent to be in the paper. (Or not going to be covered in SLC largest paper, but on TV).

    And this court counselor having sex with one of his court ordered juvenile clients:


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      Hey, the former Gov of Alaska shot wolves from a helicopter, so why shouldn't he do this?
      Appears the singers biggest problem is pitch and to much lesser degree his tone or phrasing. --- chord123


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        Are police allowed to shoot a wounded-by-car deer? I only ask, because I drove passed a wounded deer a month or two ago with about three cop cars at the scene. It was sad seeing the deer flailing around on the ground, and it would have seemed best to just euthanize the animal at that point.

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        guido61 wrote:
        Hey, the former Gov of Alaska shot wolves from a helicopter?