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Armed predator drones over every school.


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  • Armed predator drones over every school.

    Sounds reasonable.

    Roll Tide!!!!!

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    Hoddy wrote:

    Sounds reasonable.


    What can a surveylence aircraft do that a person on the ground or in the classrooms can't?

    And how reasonable is it to fly those things day in and day out to counter a threat that is statistically highly unlikely?

    Also, even if armed, how is a Predator or an unmaned, armed helicopter going to be of much use if the assailant is inside the building, behind brick walls?

    Think again, hard-case.

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      I was raised by predator drones and I turned out just fine.

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    Hoddy wrote:

    Sounds reasonable.

    Those things crash a lot.

    ~~I was not. I was. I am not. I do not care


    • Hoddy
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      Razor wire, claymores and guard towers...sounds reasonable.