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Chris Christie to doctor : "Shut up"


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  • Chris Christie to doctor : "Shut up"


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    Look at that burger!! Yum!!


    • Opposite Day
      Opposite Day commented
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      Christie is great. I'm kinda looking forward to voting for him.

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    Christie said 2 days ago that his own doctor told him that "his luck would run out sooner rather than later". Now he gets all pissy when another doctor agrees?


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      Christie is rather stout


      • micwalt
        micwalt commented
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        "My children saw that.."
        Like his kids don't know he's a big fat ****************.

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      Alndln3 wrote:


      I agree with Christie.

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      Rightly are the simple so called.


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        "Shut up! I'm eating!"


        Don't even bother. You can't win.

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        • trainset
          trainset commented
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          Hillary will crush Christie in 2016...but lets face it, no republicans winning 2016...that ideology is dead in America

          Makes me happy

        • rbstern
          rbstern commented
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          If Chris Christie ever becomes president, the pardon for the Thanksgiving turkey won't seem very bankable.

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        Not so savvy. This moment might have just permanently cast him as a governor, rather than a potential President.

        Everyone saw what he really is: a petty bully, and a heart attack waiting to happen. Those layers of blubber are the external manifestation of seething rage, an anger he cannot contain. You can almost feel his blood pressure spiking every time the world doesn't go exactly as he demands. Oh, and in this telegenic age he certainly does not look presidential.

        It's unfortunate, because whether you agree with his policy set or not you have to acknowledge that he is a competent administrator.

        As an aside, I am grateful to both him and the Repub Gov of neighboring Pennsylvania. Corbett just raised taxes, stating that construction and maintenance of Penn's transport system ('lifeblood' in his words) is crucial to that state's ability to provide an infrastructure that works for industry. Combine that with Christie's post-Sandy acknowledgement that the businesses of the Jersey Shore towns will die unless they get government assistance, and we see that, indeed, you did not build that (yourself). Despite the BS their party spews relentlessly.

        "Your own limitations render you incapable of realizing that not everyone is as limited as yourself."


        • yanktar
          yanktar commented
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          I'm a Democrat in NJ and voted against Christie in 2009 and will almost certainly vote against him again in 2013.  Other than his actions since Sandy struck (most of them), I think he's been a dreadful governor.

          But I happen to think CC is right: She had a lot of damned gall diagnosing his condition from across the country from TV video and, as he said, until she actually gives him a physical exam, she SHOULD STFU! BTW, she's a Republican as well.

          At this point, I think Christie would have the BEST chance of any Republican against Clinton.  Still, she's been through 3 Presidential campaigns, twice as the spouse, once as the candidate.  Christie's still green.

          The trend cited above is meaningless as since Monroe this is the first time we've had 3 presidents in a row elected to two terms.  GWB was also the first since Monroe we've even had TWO presidents in a row elected to two terms.  And GWB was the ONLY president to lose the popular vote and then get reelected.  Such trends mean...NOTHING!

          Besides, while Christie looks like a shoe-in for November, a lot can happen between now and then, and this IS a Blue state.

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        If Christie reduces his calorie intake his prospects are likely to improve