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I joined cussing preacher's church


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  • I joined cussing preacher's church

    Nothing like hearing the unadultered word of God!


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    I received Jesus as my saviour at this church, and it was ****************ing awesome! Are ya laughin now biotch? The devil is a mother ****************in liar!


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      I dig his mother-****************ing hairdoo. That could be a good look for me, bitches.

      Originally posted by nedezero1;
      Good. More lib fake news correspondents need to be assaulted when they get too pushy.

      The emails giveth and the emails taketh away


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        We've gotten several new arcade games at the rink and we had two older basketball games similar to the one below that we weren't using. I asked the owner if we could donate them to a church...he said sure and I contacted my best friend who asked their church if they wanted them. They took them and yesterday we tore them down and hauled them over there and I set them back up and got them running for continuous play without having to use money or tokens. Very nice church...and the folks there were super nice.


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