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This man lays it on the line about gun control.

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  • This man lays it on the line about gun control.

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    Guy made several great points.  


    Originally Posted by Elemenope

    You get 1 free punch...They can't hit you back..Call the cops..Anything. Who??

    Originally Posted by RSBro


    Rack building thread...

    Amp Packing Tutorial


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      Yet another fool who just doesn't get it. No surprise.

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      madryan wrote:

      Guy made several great points.  


      I only heard one--about the people defending their businesses during riots.  Yeah, that's a solid point.  But, then again, I've said REPEATEDLY here I have no problem with gun ownership for businesses that require them, though I only considered pawn shops, not general other businesses in bad neighborhoods.

      The rest was the usual vacuous bull**************** NRA talking points, rehashed.  He mentioned Washington DC and Chicago as evidence that gun control laws don't work, but omitted NYC which has far more strenuous (or from your POV "draconian") gun control laws and THERE they work a  city of well over 8 million!  His historical analysis was either wrong or supported the point that gun ownership is NOT unlimited but specifically for able-bodied men to participate in the State's "well-regulated militia".  He interpretation of "State" is simply an opinion unsupported in law.

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    omni wrote:

    Wow, great video, thanks!

    Besides being a guitar player,
    I'm a big fan of the guitar.
    I love that damn instrument.
    -Steve Vai