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  • OT: Health and fitness...

    Anyone here work out, play sports, or otherwise pursue a healthy lifestyle?





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    Zeopold wrote:

    Anyone here work out, play sports, or otherwise pursue a healthy lifestyle?


    Yup ,, dont drink, smoke and keep in shape by swimming laps...   speaking of laps its time to go hit the pool and grind out the days exercise.  30 mins of non  stop laps at a moderate to fast pace does the trick.   Just because you are over 60 doesnt mean you should let yourself turn into a slug.






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      Zeopold wrote:

      Anyone here work out, play sports, or otherwise pursue a healthy lifestyle?

       I work out a few times a week, practice yoga a bit and garden like crazy.  At festivals, I ride my bike around the campsites, cause there's no gym there.   I have two rebuilt knees, so most sports activities are long gone in the past.

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      • Just Me
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        yep, usually about 4-5 times per week. Running, lifting, i have a heavybag and a slkant board for abs.... I am an old fart now so I am a lot smarter about how I lift. I now resist the temptation to "go beyond" my max, as I dont feel like recovering from ay sports injuries at my age.


        Still working on healthy nutrition though - I have a weakness for beer and pizza.

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      I bike commute (12-15 miles RT) ~100 days out of the year.  Ride stationary regularly during the winter.  Light lifting, situps, pushups, swimming, etc.  Not super-athletic but definitely above average for a 48 year old.

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        Cardio M/W/F


        Weights T/T


        Outdoors at my lease all weekend.


        • Marko
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        Yoga, weights, walking, running, no junk food.  


        • gubu
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          I walk 3 miles every day, fairly briskly, and will be back up on the bike doing 60-70 miles a week shortly enough.

          Meat once a week, fish 3 or 4 times a week. Plenty of fresh fruit and veg, nuts, cereals. Coffee and cigarettes are my downfall.



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        Zeopold wrote:

        Anyone here work out, play sports, or otherwise pursue a healthy lifestyle?





        I walk all day for a living, (security officer) and go to the gym four times a week. Treadmill at incline level 6 and 3.6 MPH for one hour. Have lost a lot of weight and now at 226....goal is 220.


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        • yanktar
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          Over the years I've gone in and out of maintaining a healthy level of exercise, but easily dropped out of it.

          Now, with a moderately botched hip replacement and another replacement (other side) looming, exercise is  the best medicine to control the pain.  Regular cardio, 3-4 times a week, and weight training as well, all keeps the pain levels down where Aleve can knock it out.  Just a 2 or 3 days without it and the pain rises like a hot air balloon.  So I keep at it. My favorite is the adaptive orbital, like an eliptical but with a freer more adjustable motion. Weight training began as a way to be able to carry myself in the first surgery went wrong, which it did, so I was glad to have it.  The exercise has become addictive, but, like others in their 50's I have to watch myself very carefully to avoid overdoing and injuring things, which I have done.  I also have a heavy martial arts bag I enjoy pounding on.

        • Lerber4
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          I stand-up paddle 5 miles every morning... also surf, kiteboard, or windsurf depending on conditions.

          Lost about 30 pounds and grew some abs over the last few years.

          Windy season is starting.... yay!