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I fear one of my neighbors may be seriously ill or worse.


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  • I fear one of my neighbors may be seriously ill or worse.

    We have the strange little man who lives six or seven house up from us...he's lived in the house for five or six years. He's never had power in his house...don't ask me why...I figure that's just the way he prefers to live. He's a hispanic dude who drives a tractor trailer...he always parked he rig on a little strip of common ground where a small creek runs under the road. About a year ago he parked it and it hasn't moved...it's all over grown with weeds and stuff. A few months ago he was busted for shooting a pistol in his backyard with some neighborhood kids. A neighbor of ours turned him in...he told me that the guy was crazy and had been diagnosed with brain cancer. It was quite normal to see him walking around his yard every other day or so. Nobody has seen him for like a month...I'm kinda worried that he might have passed away in his house. Do you think we should call the police to see if he's OK?

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      No power? Go knock on his door to see if he wants to buy a lantern or a stove.