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Switzerland's lasts wild bear killed.


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  • Switzerland's lasts wild bear killed.

    M13, Switzerland's Only Wild Bear, Killed By Authorities After Being Deemed A Threat To Humans

    By Dominique Mosbergen Posted: 02/21/2013 75 pm EST  |  Updated: 02/22/2013 107 am EST


    M13, who is believed to be Switzerland's only wild bear, was killed this week after he was deemed too great of a threat to humans.

    According to the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, the brown bear was shot by gamekeepers Tuesday in Val Poschiavo, located in the Alps near the Italian border. The Federal Office for the Environment explained that M13's death was "inevitable" in light of the danger he posed to human settlements.

    Roll Tide!!!!!

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    That bear came from Italy, the supid mofo crossed the border illegally.


    Well, actually he lost his natural shiness, and walked around in villages scaring children.


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    They could have just imported a momma bear and he'd of been just fine
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      must be the cheese. or it was an islamic bear. 


      you kill the last bear in the whole country? really? bearacide! ICC for that ****************er. where they get the gun?

      it probably got pissed off that it wasn't recognized for all the welfare.

      and idiots jump on the US for genocide against the native americans and the world? when they own casinos now?