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The Academy Awards are boring


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  • The Academy Awards are boring

    My wife and her friends act like this is some important ****************.

    It used to be good when there were actors like Pacino, Brando, and Nicholson up for awards.

    They couldn't even give supporting actor to De Niro.


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    Gave my wife the OSCAR for Best Tits in a movie I never released. Wasn't boring at all.


    • nice keetee
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      thanks for reminding me of the oscars, i'll tune in after the silly show i watch, walking dead.

      I cry sometimes towards the end when the ceremony honors those that have left

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    And the award for worst sound engineering in a major awards show goes to .... the 2013 Oscars!

    Anybody else notice the orchestra swells & fades in inappropriate places?  Annoyed the crap out of me.  Yeah, most award shows are badly contrived circle-jerks but I love movies, and there was a pretty good crop this year.

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    • yumpy
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      everyone forget katharine hepburn? 

      4, all for best actress. 

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    I wouldn't know. I have not watched the Academy awards since the early 90's. I stopped watching because they were boring.