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OT: I do make music sometimes, Actually!!! Here it is


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  • OT: I do make music sometimes, Actually!!! Here it is

    If you're interested in finding out what i do whan I'm not bull****************ting about things I'm uninformed about, or you just want ti listen to some good music, check out this EP I just came out with from my new electronic music project KHALIL. We sample a stufff from around the house, make beats, and play synth/keys and sax over it.Let me know what you think!






    feedback encouraged!

    My electronic music project, KHALIL, just released its first EP, "tell Us What Happened" on Thumbs Up Records in Florida. If you are into chill, experimental beat music with keyboards, saxophone and sample manipulation, check it out:http://khalilduo.bandcamp.com/Piano Interperetation of Fleedwood Mac's "Landslide" --https://soundcloud.com/ryan7585/landslide

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    Really, REALLY cool stuff, Ryan!!! Love it! Very Eno-esque also, which is a big plus in my book

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      Really enjoying the first song! Really chill!