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House GOP Bill would defund (nonexistent) ACORN


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  • House GOP Bill would defund (nonexistent) ACORN

    WASHINGTON -- A new short-term budget bill introduced on Monday by House Republicans includes a bizarre provision banning federal funding to anti-poverty group ACORN, despite the fact that the group has already been stripped of federal funding -- and has been defunct for nearly three years.

    ACORN leaders announced that the group was disbanding in March 2010, after Congress cut off all federal funding to the organization. The provision in the current GOP budget bill [PDF], buried on page 221 of 269, would duplicate legislation that has already passed, to target an organization that does not exist.


    GOP still scared of ACORN. LOL

    I'd get upIf I knew I fell.

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    They're just making sure zombie ACORN gets no money.


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      Next the party of small government will authorize secret service protection for Zombie Reagan.

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    They were attempting to pad their cost-saving numbers, by lying.

    "Hey look it all teh money were saving!