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Nanny Bloomberg Is At It Again.


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  • Nanny Bloomberg Is At It Again.

    First, it was smoking in restauraunts.

    Next, he went after trans-fats in cooking.

    Followed by menues that did not include calorie counts on all the menu items.

    Then it was colas and other soft drinks larger than sixteen ounces (not even a proper English pint!)

    Now Mayor Michael Blumberg is at it again. This time, according to MSNBC, he wants to ban "loud headphones and ear buds because they may cause hearing loss.."


    MSNBC Reports:


    2 Loud Crew? Bloomberg targets NYC teens who blast music through their ear buds


    By M. Alex Johnson, staff writer, NBC News


    New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________
    How Come Other People Can Get Away With Jokes Like That?

    Face it Tea Bagging Neo-Cons...if Reagan ran today, you'd be calling him a RINO socialist! -- scott666

    Barack Obama must be kenyan - everytime he speaks they trot a translator out the next day to explain what he said.-- ToBeAnnounced

    And even then some people still don't understand.-- RogueGnome

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    That's NYC. A left leaning city that thinks they are so damn stupid, they need to be told what to do by the government.


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      He's starting to sound like a nagging Jewish mother. "If you don't wear a scarf you might catch cold." might become a law. icon\_biggrin.gif

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