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Alvin Lee Gone at 68 - He's Goin' Home - R.I.P.

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  • Alvin Lee Gone at 68 - He's Goin' Home - R.I.P.


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    dblazer wrote:


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    • Hoddy
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      Alvin Lee's and TYA's performance of "I'm Going Home" from Woodstock was my main inspiration for picking up the guitar. I probably saw them seven or eight times in the late 60s and 70s. He was an idol to me. One year they were in town over Christmas and my sis got in touch with them and was able to get Alvin to call me up and wish me a Merry Christmas...I was blown away. Years later in the early 80s my band got a chance to open up for Alvin for a few shows. I got to meet him and we hung out after the shows just talking music til the early morning hours. He was a super nice guy and loved talking about music. Even got to hold his legendary 335 'Big Red'. It's sad to see your childhood heroes pass away.

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    Damn shame.  R.I.P Alvin

    Strangers on this road we are on,
    and we are not two, we are one.


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      Undead and their first album are on my favorites list.

      "Anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever is either a madman or an economist." Kenneth Boulding


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        I remember being sixteen and watching TYA's performance in "Woodstock" in awe.

        A great player- RIP
        Stumblin' thru da ghost town.....


        • yumpy
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          way cool.


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        Wow, what a shame to lose Alvin.

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        • Balthazar Munoz
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          People die. Get over it. By the way, not a one of you numbskulls even mentioned one of the the most scorching lead guiatar solos  of all time;

          "Change the World"- probably their only "pop" hit.

          Losers.Probably never even heard it.


          "TELL ME, WHERE IS SANITY???"