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Food Stamp Growth 75X Greater than Job Creation - Go Comrade Jug Ears, Go !!!


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  • Food Stamp Growth 75X Greater than Job Creation - Go Comrade Jug Ears, Go !!!

    Food Stamp Growth 75X Greater than Job Creation








    Welfare spending is projected to remain permanently elevated; for instance, at no point in the next 10 years will fewer than 1 in 9 Americans be on food stamps. In fact, the Administration has actively sought to boost food stamp spending and enrollment, including through a partnership with the Mexican government to advertise benefits to foreign nationals, as well as materials that teach outreach workers how to

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    And as we all know (because conservatives remind us endlessly) government doesn't create jobs.

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      But.........but.......but........er.........well.. ....it's not............but...............ummm.....

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     this is probably one of the main reasons that President Obama wants to raise the minimum wage, after all, the majority of those recieving any govt assistance are working.


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      Image a McCaine influence on the GOP worst eco phase in our life times. It would be 1000%, Another Obama feather in the cap. Keeping it so low in this Bush mess


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        I wonder why Burningsg keeps posting these cut-and-paste articles from "conservative" web sites to bash Obama for being "the food stamp president," without explaining why people are on food stamps. 

        Here's a hint, BS -- Those people on food stamps used to have good jobs that were sent overseas. Now, they are working, but only in part-time, no-benefit, temp jobs that don't pay enough to cover the expenses of house, heat, light and food all at the same time. 

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          We've posted the data, many times, that shows the current explosive growth in the use of food stamps began well before January 2009. None of the righties posting in this thread have bothered to look at it, because it does not fit their agenda.

          What exactly is the agenda of people who put the face of the first black President on food stamps, even when data clearly shows that the current surge in that program began years before the beginning of this Presidency?

          Can't be racism, because the same folk that make these posts also consistently claim the only racism remaining in this nation is 'reverse' racism. You know, like at CPAC where the white guy stood up and said that the black man is keeping him down. I dunno, maybe the black man really does have his jackboot on the throat of whitey....