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This is how to impress teh wimminz!


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  • This is how to impress teh wimminz!

    Cops say man staged rape attempt to impress his date with his bravery1 day ago

    Who says chivalry is dead? A very misguided lad in Arkansas apparently wanted to show his date that he was a studly alpha male, and police say he hatched an ingenious plan that involved a stranger attempting to rape her. Alas, for Jeffery Tyler Siegel, his plan did not work out like whatever fantasy may have been in his head. Last Saturday, while the couple was taking a nighttime walk in the woods, a man in black wielding a knife ambushed them. The woman sensibly fled and called police. Poice say Siegel "fought off" their attacker, getting slashed a couple times. The cops say Siegel later told them that he staged the attack because he thought his gallant efforts would impress the woman. She was not impressed. Police, perhaps feeling sorry for him, did not press charges. [Source]


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    Roll Tide!!!!!

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    glad i'm passed that stage of doing stupid ass things to impress women. lol!!


    ya, it was only last month.


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      Good thing Yumpy because are not very impressive to begin with. You would have to move mountains to impress anyone
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        Hoddy, are you sure you're not just citing the plot of "The Fantasticks", which ran Off-Broadway for 20 or 30 years? The plot involved just that: setting up 2 young lovers so the boy saves the girl from a phony rapist in the form of a character called "El Gallo" and they even sing a song: "Rape!"