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"If babies had guns they wouldn't be aborted"


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  • "If babies had guns they wouldn't be aborted"

    Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) debuted his newest campaign bumper sticker in a tweet on Friday.


    So many levels of stupid, it's hard to know where to start.

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    I'd get upIf I knew I fell.

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    I'm pretty sure a doctor can outshoot a fetus.  I wonder if Steve Stockman has actually tried this experiment. 


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      If he had added WASP to babies, the could have hit a third button.

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    .:Ed Phobes:. wrote:


    For chrissakes, I thought the thread title was some sort of joke.  My god these people are embarrassing idiots.

    Appears the singers biggest problem is pitch and to much lesser degree his tone or phrasing. --- chord123


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      Hmm...the right to keep and bear arms, enshrined in our founding documents, and the concepts of defending the most defensless among us.

      Makes sense to me.

      I like it. He covers my two hot button issues: 2nd Amendment rights and ending the vile scourge of abortion. Besides, aren't all you gun banners the ones always sarcastically saying "too bad the victim didn't have a gun" ?


      LGBTFW "marriage"?  ~ meh. Wake me when it's over.Don't. Care.

      Illegal Mexicans/Democrap voters? ~ Me gusto comidas Mexicanas.


      Pretty funny,considering the context Guido, that you invoke Christ in your first sentence, and God in your second. And you make fun of other people's beliefs.

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    Maybe foetuses are an untapped demographic for gun sales?


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      babies arn't aborted