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OT: Very cool Coleman score today!


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  • OT: Very cool Coleman score today!

    Wel...it wasn't actually a score...it was a gift from Don the Coleman guy. Him and his wife are moving out of state and he wanted me to come over...he had a stove he wanted me to help him with and some things for me. Amongst them was this book...it's like the Bible to Coleman Collectors...it has been out of print for sometime and they're very hard to come buy. I see them on Ebay from time to time and they always fetch $100 or more. He had a couple so he gave me this one! He also has one signed by both authors. Along with the book he gave me a stack of Coleman and other PGA literature that's a treasure trove for collectors...he also gave me several boxes of NOS Coleman Parts and a bunch of other stuff. He's selling off all his stuff cause he doesn't want to have to deal with moving it all.



    He also gave me this very nice Primus 71 that happens to have been made in the year I was born! This was the stove he wanted me to help him get running...so I got it running for him and he gave it to me.





    Don's a great guy...we often spend hours working on lanterns and stoves and just shooting the ****************...I'll miss him.

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    He owes me 50 bucks


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      thats nice story for you. I thinkYou love teh juggy and teh moo moochie BAby buMPbutt jiggy dAncing wiht teh danCica.

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    on topic reading material


    "Your own limitations render you incapable of realizing that not everyone is as limited as yourself."


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      coyote-1 wrote:

      on topic reading material


      on topic in the tropics I bet. At least on expiditions and such...