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My neighbor's name is Ben Ghazi


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  • My neighbor's name is Ben Ghazi

    And he will never go away. I keep telling him to leave, but no luck. It's okay when he buys pizza and beer during poker games, so we let him hangout once in a while.

    I keep asking myself... will Ben Ghazi ever go away?



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    You never notice Ben Ghazi until he sneeks in your back door and makes your president resign


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      After reading the post about Ben Ghazi never going away, I got a little depressed and down. I can't believe I might be stuck with this guy for good. So I made him buy a 12-pack of Blue Moon to bring my spirits up.

      Someone else must know about this guy. I wonder how they made him go away?


      • Hoppy Shimko
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        He's going away, when Obama goes to prison, they'll go together.