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Off-topic - Checking in - with some tunes.


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  • Off-topic - Checking in - with some tunes.

    Thought I'd check in to the forum after an extended absence.  There are some pretty decent musicians here, and I never really had any clips to share before.  Recently reconnected with my old songwriting partner Kevin. He's on a bunch of empty desert land about 75 miles outside Phoenix but we can write and record by e-mail now, so since I spent all that time here without sharing any tunes I thought I'd return and see how any of my old friend or frenemies might react to this stuff.  This is a song I wrote about our penchant for exploring the old dangerous mines of Goldroad, AZ back in High School days in the 70s.  Vocals & Rhythm guitar by Kevin Terrell; opening guitar fills, emulated bass (guitar with pitch shifted an octave) and second (middle) solo by me, third (closing) solo by our old High School friend Dave Hobbs - "Old Dangerous Mines."


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    GREAT to to see you, bro (prior to H-C's latest FU, you knew me as Terry Allan Hall). Like the tune!

    Hope all is well for you and yours!


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      All is well in Muel-land!  Actually that's a song you might enjoy playing - Kevin made it a little more rock than my original (and I love his arrangement), but originally it was straight acoustic bluegrass - sounds good with fiddle!