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    Wifey and I drove to Portland Sunday to see Princess. That's Maya Rudolph and Gretchen Lieberum fronting a four piece band playing Prince songs for 100 minutes. Tonight, Wifey asks me how Princess is able to perform Prince's songs (and presumably make money doing so) when Prince is notoriously tight with his music licensing.

    I had no answer. So I'm asking you.

    They were amazing, btw. The set was mostly older songs with explicit lyrics Prince will no longer perform. For example:

    When You Were Mine
    17 Days
    Jack U Off
    Erotic City
    Private Joy
    Tick Tick Bang

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    He can't control who performs his music live once it has been recorded and released. As long as the venue has a contract with his PRO (ASCAP/BMI), then anyone can perform his music in the venue [if he is not a member of a PRO, then he has to regulate this himself..a fairly impossible task]. Even if they wanted to record the songs on a CD or mp3, they would just need to get a mechanical license, unless he has made arrangements to the contrary. The only control he really has is of his original recordings being used by advertisers, etc.

    I see there are Prince/TAFKAP tribute bands performing all over So Cal...
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