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Going on Tour? Don't be Stupid - Get a Trailer

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  • Going on Tour? Don't be Stupid - Get a Trailer

    Today yet another band contacted me about their VAN being broken into and 4 guitars stolen. Thieves simply smashed a window and took the gear.

    Yeah, a trailer is going to cost you money, but it's way safer than leaving your gear in a van with windows.

    Alpha locks can be used to lock the wheels. Just realize thieves know how to get them off - or they'll just drive off with the lock on the wheel, taking your gear and thrashing your trailer.

    Micro-GPS units for trailers are good if they take the whole trailer. If someone decides to steal the whole trailer, you'll get notified once it leaves your geo-fence and you'll know exactly where it is. Check the pic for an idea of how small they are getting (this one is in a waterproof, magnetic case with extra battery - 200 days battery life).

    You can also put micro-GPS units in the cases of your best instruments in case they break open the trailer door and just take the gear.

    Remember - your car insurance won't cover your instruments stolen from your van. And insurance won't get back your gear.

    There's too many stories of bands' tours ending because their trailer was stolen. Don't let it happen to you.
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    Also, make sure to take pics of all the gear, get model, name, and serial numbers of every item and keep this data in multiple places, not with the gear!
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      Totally - save that info (serial numbers, pics, etc.) multiple places including cloud storage. You can then access from anywhere, from most devices, and make that link to your info public.
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