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  • Music Marketing for the Little Guy

    I have a music marketing blog and I am tightening the focus of the subject matter a little.

    I would love to get your opinion and maybe even some ideas as to how I could help out.


    Here's the post: http://musicgoat.com/musicgoat-3-0-2


    Thank you!

    Official Website (where to hear my stuff)...Planetcorey.com
    Thoughts on how I get fans and make a few bucks with music...Musicgoat.com

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    Hi Corey,

    I am basically doing a simular thing with my site http://www.zebramusic.com. I think it's a cool thing helping musicians and offering advise that will help them with their careers. Maybe we can work together on a few things?

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      Thank you Steve. If you ever want to do a guest post let me know.