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Example of a "Endorsement letter"


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  • Example of a "Endorsement letter"

    Hello all,

    I'm looking to try and get some endorsements together and I was wondering what to say exactly or what to give to whomever im trying to reach?

    Thanks guys!

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    Different companies have different requirements. Most are looking for signed and/or touring acts, so at minimum, you should send a press kit with some sort of promo CD and a list of past "notable" gigs, as well as upcoming dates if you have them. I recall that one of the major guitar manufacturers (I think it was ESP or Ibanez) wanted a tour itinerary of 100+ dates, thus weeding out all but the most serious applicants. Then again, there are different levels of endorsement, so getting a discount deal can sometimes be achieved with much more modest accomplishments.

    It's hard to say. When my band signed with a mid-sized European indie label and had an album about to be released, a discount deal was the best we could do, but fortunately that made it possible to get some gear that we NEEDED rather than just getting free stuff for the sake of free stuff.
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    ^^ this guy just said "lard tsunami".

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      Most of the one's I've dealt with wanted press releases, magazine articles, and retail ready CD's as a minimum.

      I ended up with a couple of decent endorsements/sponsorships in the mid 90's, and it worked out good but in the end I either changed products or was no longer performing at that level anymore.

      It was a lot easier to get endorsements of when I was in a major label signed band or touring internationally as a hired gun and working as a session musician.

      Gibson however wouldn't even entertain a sponsorship, I wasn't looking for an endorsement, or free stuff.
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        If you are trying to get endorsements from big companies than you are going to have to meet their high requirements to get endorsed. To start with endorsements go to the companies contact info on their website and they usually will have a person for artist relations. Contact them and see what that particular company wants to see from you. Hope that helps a little and good luck with getting endorsements!


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          If you are approaching a company about some kind of endorsement-sponsorship situation you need to be thinking about what you can do for the company. Doing deals with an artist is part of a companies promo budget. You need to pitch how helping you out will help them. If you are playing 100 gigs a year in front of 1000 people you are a really good investment. If your big success is 250 hits on a youtube video.. not so much. If you have 400,000 subscribers on youtbube that is a different story.

          Also keep in mind that big companies like Gibson and Ibenez already have Slash and Steve Vai, but a small company might be looking for any way to get their product to a new audience. Big thing with small companies though is to remember small companies usually do not have much money to spare, so if you do a deal with one, really make it worth their while by going the extra mile for them.
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            Ronan is right, starting with the smaller outfits is a good way to learn the ropes, even if the offers may be a bit light, it is a two-way street... and they will tend to be far more open to some kind of deal if it is in their best interests...
            I had an endorsement with a string manufacturer several years back...I was approached by them, so, I can't exactly tell you how to approach the manufacturer. I was an 'endorser' for over a year, but they ceased to meet my changing needs as far as the gauges in their sets, so I parted ways with them. They have since failed and disappeared....but I do not hold myself responsible...
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              Great advice Ronan! I need to remember to remember all that when I look for endorsements in the future.


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                Thanks for all the great advice everyone. However, before asking this question I already did my research..

                What i really need help with is what specifically to say, besides a general "I can do lots of good things for your company "

                Or even the formatting for the letter to the artist relationship manager would be LOTS of help.


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