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Street performing/selling in los angeles?

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  • Street performing/selling in los angeles?

    I'm trying to come up with ways to promote my band, but one of the ideas I had, I'm not sure is legal.


    I was thinking that during the school year, my band could set up camp outside local high schools around the time school gets out.  Just acoustic guitars, vocals, drummer playing a cajon, no amps or speakers.  We could set up a table and have ep's to sell.  Should be easy-peasy, kids get to hear us play acoustic stuff live as they get out of school, and hopefully we make a few bucks selling cd's. 

    The thing I'm unsure on is wether this could be considered loitering or soliciting, or do we need a permit to do this?  I've been searching for stuff online and I can't find anything for los angeles.  It seems like it should be legal, as I did come across one site that said only certain areas require a permit (like 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica), leaving the implication that performing and selling cd's on the street in general Los Angeles is legal.  And another Q&A site for some legal counselor said street performing in LA is okay.  However, I am not 100% sure.

    If anyone who knows better could explain the legality to me, and also send me a link to an official site that spells this out (if such a thing exists),  I would really appreciate it.  Thanks a bunch!

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    I haven't been in LA for years, but getting a Malls permission and setting up an agreement to share some profits would be an idea. It's quite common here in Japan to do such acts. Brings in more business on the weekends. I know that is what I would do. Also, your clothing you wear is very important when doing such acts.

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