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Almost two months and nothing on Itunes...


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  • Almost two months and nothing on Itunes...

    Using Tunecore. It's up on Amazon, but not Itunes. Paid back the first week of the year. Would be nice to pitch it at the CD release parties we have on the 27th of FEB and 6th of MARCH.

    Is it normal for Itunes to take this long with Tunecore? I remember, way back when I created the account last year, the FAQ said 45 days at the longest.

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    It took me almost 4 months.
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      We went through CDBaby - took about 6 weeks as far as I remember

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        it really DOES take a while, from two to more months.
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          I went through Nimbit, and it took a couple months, IIRC. They have alot of submissions to look over and process. As well, I think that they must have some sort of approval process to make sure that your files don't match anything else (ie: popular artists), and that you own them. I could be wrong, but if they did not do this, they could land in a heap of trouble.