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  • I'll Be Doing All Right

    It's me doing every thing start to finish, but looking for thoughts on lyrics and mix

    I may not Know
    Every thing that I should
    But I'm getting by just fine
    I may not have done
    Every thing that I could
    But the stars and sun still shine
    So if you come around
    Don't bring me down
    I don't want to hear your bla bla bla


    I'll be doing all right
    Without your excitation's
    I'll be doing just fine
    Without your solititations of right

    I may be slow
    Every now and again
    I'll keep working on my fast
    I can loss my cool
    Every time I'm a pain
    But I'm sure that it won't last
    So if you come around
    Don't bring me down
    I don't want to hear your bla bla bla

    Repeat chorus

    The sun gonna shine
    Rains gonna fall
    I'll be doing just fine
    Through it all

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    First welcome to the HC Forums. Enjoyed your song. I'm impressed that you did all of it. 'Way more instruments than I play. The Beatles/British Invasion influence is clear. I noted that the lyrics you posted didn't track what you were singing in a couple of places. You might want to edit your post. I'm mainly a lyricist, although I write my own songs, but I really don't dig the "bla bla bla" at the end of each verse. There must be a better way to word it, maybe:
    "I don't want to hear it can't be done" or
    "You can run along and have your fun" for the first verse and
    "I don't want to hear that I'm a fool" for the second, which rhymes with the end of the fourth line in each respective verse. Just a suggestion. Thanks for posting.
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