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Paradox Lockdown wants to win stuff!


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  • Paradox Lockdown wants to win stuff!

    My band just entered the Grammy Amplifier contest upon the completion of our album. It would be really cool if you guys listen and share our entry (do it by clicking the amplify with Facebook/Twitter buttons at the top, otherwise we won't get points), because with your help we could win some huge opportunities, and we live on a 500 square mile island, so we don't get those a lot.


    here's the link to the page: http://www.grammyuamplifier.com/paradoxlockdown


    And here's the full album if you want to hear it. We're on iTunes/Spotify too but you guys are probably aware of their practices when it comes to money. This site gives us 100% of sales: http://paradoxlockdown.kicktone.com/jkhbq/dateless-in-july


    The more apmplifies we get, the more likely we are to make it to the judging round, which we are pretty confident we could do well in, so we could use  all the help we can get. Thanks in advance!