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Dunno if this is legal--demo cd's on parked cars?


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  • Dunno if this is legal--demo cd's on parked cars?

    So people tuck flyers and advertisements and brochures under the windshield wipers of parked cars all the time.  Is it legal to do the same with demo cd's, as a means of band promotion?

    I understand that this is not necessarily the wisest thing--the cost of a cd+cover is very high compared to the cost of a flyer or something, and the large number of copies I would need to burn in order to create any useful amount of local attention would come with a formidable price tag (I would use paper covers, which are cheaper than jewel cases, but still).  However, that being said, if it's not out of line with any vendor/solicitation/any-other-form-of-legal-regulation, I would like to keep it open as an option for band promotion.

    Alternately, I would like to know of any sites and-or methods of making my band's music available via physical download cards.  That way, I could upload our songs to some site, and then distribute download cards in the same manner as the cds. 

    Any knowledge on either topic would be tremendously appreciated.  Thanks in advance