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What's your band vehicle??


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    London Taxi? That is so ****************in cool.
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      Unfortunately a trailer isn't as exciting as a van or a bus....

      But it does prevent me from fitting 3 keyboards, one keyboard amp, 3 guitars, a 2x12 cabinent and Peavey XXX head along with countles cables in my girlfriend's VW Beetle.
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        So, what your band vehicle? [/QUOTE]

        Either the "Gray Ghost" ('93 Dodge Caravan) or "The Lazer" (Lord knows what year, Chevy Blazer).


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          Originally posted by Strings74
          These are my band vehicles:

          I have often wondered how NYC band people get their gear to and from gigs.

          Seems like quite the issue.
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            Originally posted by doubleR
            Here's MY band vehicle:

            You must be the singer

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              We used to have a converted Cablevision van. It rocked, had a siren on top, a search light (super bright), and was huge. But we sold it. Now I carry my drums in this:

              Luckily I play vdrums.
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                Neither of my bands have a band vehicle. We each drive our own vehicles (we are on the island of Oahu, so no long distances). Mine is an Xterra. Big enough for my PA and bass rig, plus one passenger.


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                  Originally posted by squealie
                  Our drummer bought an $800 van.

                  Then gave it an $800 paint job.

                  Drummers are stupid.


                  I gots a 91 Grand Caravan. Paid $1300 for it, it's been from TX to Illinois and North Carolina with zero problems. Cold AC, all the power stuff works, doesn't burn oil, 22 mpg, hauls the gear and 2 guys just fine (that's with a standup bass/acoustic/Telecaster trio).

                  I have recently put a few hundred $$ into it but I'm still in it for less than $2000.
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                    This would be perfect if your band all dressed in gray jumpsuits...

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                      Some of you know that my band vehicle is an MCI MC5C bus..It rocks and i'm converting it between now and the winter...Fits all my gear, I can take it anywhere, live in it and it pulls any other vehicle to boot!


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                        I always thought a brinks truck would be nice to have.
                        Or maybe one of these.


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                          My guitar player drives an ice cream truck (Snow Cone Joe) in the summer. He ofter drives that to our gigs and makes an extra $50 - $75 at 20 in the morning selling to the burnouts that are left hanging around.

                          I drive a '97 Ford E250 cargo van, with a sliding side door, and mesh bulkhead that I had installed in case of an accident. It can hold all of our gear when packed correctly going TO the gig, but somehow during the (blearey-eyed) load out, it seemed to run out of space the way everyone threw the stuff in. Now I have to supervise where every piece goes. It's nice though because I wait in the van while they haul the gear out to me


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                            Ours is (I think) a late 70s blue Chevy econoline. 2 captains chairs in front, and a bench/bed in back. We just got it this week actually. It has its problems, but it was $500 and it's big enough to comfortably fit all five of us and our gear (guitars, amps, drums, and keys) for out-of-town gigs.
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                              In my current band, each member loads his/her car with gear (we break up the load fairly evenly).

                              I used to be in a band that bought a hospital bus (complete with lift). We ripped the seats out of the back half and sectioned it off for gear. We also sectioned off the cab and left the rest for partying on the way to the gig!