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Backstage with the band??

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  • Backstage with the band??

    Usually we don't hang out backstage...we leave and go to one of our buddies house and drink till we pass out.
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      Second... oh yeahhhhhh...

      So what does this forum do again?


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        it does exactly what it says on the tin.

        bring my sweetcorn smoothie!


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          i was here


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            Hey, y'all, if you're not sure what this forum is about...go here and check it out...browse through the old topics, and meet some of the old faces who've been here for awhile.

            Our fearless moderator is none other than Ms. Lee Flier, a great lady and guitar slinger.
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              I would have liked to be backstage with The Band. Those dudes could party, and were a group of musical genius.

              The Last Waltz looked like it was a heck of a party.
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                I've only hung out backstage at a couple of my shows. Both places were extreme fire hazards.
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                  backstage is over-rated unless you;re with a real party band.

                  the only time i'm backstage at our gigs is 15 minutes before on stage time unless we have a decent rider.

                  Backstage at concerts and festivals is over-rated. it;'s cool to be able to watch and be around "the beautiful people" but in the end, i'd rather be out the front with an atmosphere instead of standing watching people do their thing side on.
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                    Originally posted by Japetus
                    Usually we don't hang out backstage...we leave and go to one of our buddies house and drink till we pass out.

                    We never hangout backstage or in the band room. We always hang out in the club a drink before we go on and go drink at a buddy's house afterwards. Backstage is boring, unless there's a bar in it which is usually not the case. I think it would make up look stuck-up if we hung out in the back instead of with our friends and fans.
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                      Yeah, backstage is usually boring. Little to see, little to do.

                      I only go there to get some free drinks and to prep for the gig, and to regain my wits after a gig.
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                        Those were actually my best memories, hangin with the guys after the gig. At least until we had to pack up, ugh.