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    Explain to me how I'm putting words in your mouth:

    Originally posted by Savage Jack

    1.covers? bah! ptuiiii! *spits*
    2.covers are so overrated
    3.we do all originals, never ever played any covers, have no problem getting gigs
    4. plus there's something that every working musician needs to cultivate... it's called integrity to one's self

    Justify to me exactly how this isn't meant to be derogatory towards musicians in cover bands.
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      Captain Jack, New York State of Mind, and Piano Man stole the show.

      Honorable mention:

      Mary Jane's Last Dance
      Crazy (Seal)
      Crazy Little Thing Called Love - I hate it when everybody says "what was that song... Elvis?"
      Long Train Running
      Listen to the Music
      I didn't think it would be this cold...

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        Originally posted by MattFacingSouth
        I hate it when everybody says "what was that song... Elvis?"

        I WANNA ROSK!
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          "Play that funky music" usually gets almost everyone that will dance on the floor. Since we only have 1 guitar, its a little hard to play "Freebird". We do the rest of the cover band /bar band stuff to death. AC/DC and Aerosmith seem pretty popular in these parts.


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            Originally posted by riffdaddy
            Explain to me how I'm putting words in your mouth:

            Justify to me exactly how this isn't meant to be derogatory towards musicians in cover bands.

            opps!... looks like i made someone mad, well... i suppose we all have to be good at something eh? roflmao!

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              with all the hoopla about the new dukes of hazzard movie we played "just a good ole boys" and the crowd went nuts. we have been covering it ever since. it is a very easy song that you wont have to practice to get it right. i am from mississippi so our rednecks really enjoyed it especially from a rock band.

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                To name a few...

                Rebel Yell - Billy Idol
                Turbo Lover - Judas Priest
                Metal Health - Quiet Riot
                Fight For Your Right - Beastie Boys
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                  Originally posted by worthyjoe
                  right now I have to say our hottest song is Mr. Brightside by the Killers. It's probably on the tail end of it's popularity but people freaking LOVE the song and I also love playing/singing it.

                  We also start and end a medley with 500 Miles by the Proclaimers and that seems to get peoples' attention (in a good way).

                  What are some others? Can be new songs or old.

                  I'd have to say Mr. Brightside by the Killers, a medley with 500 Miles by the Proclaimers, oh wait, I'm in your band.
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                    Originally posted by Savage Jack

                    opps!... looks like i made someone mad, well... i suppose we all have to be good at something eh? roflmao!

                    No, you didn't make me mad. You just made an ignorant statement and backed it up with more ignorance. The fact that you don't see how your statements were offensive--especially given the title of the thread--really says something.

                    Try going a little more gently when you elect to piss on somebody else's thread. Otherwise, check out Open Jam.

                    Also, please reduce the size of your signature. Either condense it a little or put it in a smaller font (if you're unsure how to do this, let me know--I'll gladly help). Most of your posts have been about a third the length of your sig. There's really no need for that.
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                      Originally posted by Savage Jack

                      how much money a band makes has little to do with what it plays and everything to do with how they play it, how they control an audience, their show, their musicianship, level of professionalism (ruthlessness of their manager *evil grin*) and so on. i've been in a few cover bands (lol, just a few) and this is my first original only band... and i can add up all the money i made in 9 cover bands in 20 years and it dont add up to what i made in the last 2 years with this all original UNSIGNED and independent band.

                      ok, a little luck, a whole lot of drive, an attitude, presence, a collective charisma (that one is a whole topic on itself!), focus and devotion is required too... not to mention good management: but that applies equally to cover bands as well.

                      ...did i mention a little luck? lol! yeah that too

                      on another note... i cant believe how many times i see bands playing covers that absolutely do not suit or serve themselves... for instance... a band with a female lead singer playing stinkfist... her range didn't permit it, or a band with an baritone frontman playing ac/dc, ...he blew his throat out too and wasn't worth spit the rest of the night ... songs that require back vocals and no one in the band besides the frontman knows how to sing... that's an off key mess that happens all the time... or another band who just lost their lead player and their frontman, who played rhythem filled in for him... he was fine on the greenday songs but any band they covered that wasn't a 3 piece or had a badass solo in it... well, it was a noble effort *grin* (these all true stories happening in the last month and a half too).

                      choose your songs carefully... they have to serve the band well, choose songs that fit the abilities of all the musicians in the band... (this is especially important if you write originals too... write to the abilities of your musicians, not everyone can play like satriani) ...the weakest musician in your band usually determines the songs your band will pull off well ...or not.

                      tell me if this one sounds familiar... the band gets together for their first practice and the singer says... well i know this list of songs... the lead player has his list, the bassist his list and so on... then they just choose the songs that most of the band already knows and it's instant set list... no thought, no planning, they havent got a chance!

                      or this one... hey man, i want to do this song, someone else says well, if you want to do that one, then i want to do this one, the singer says, i cant do that one, it's out of my range, the lead player says, that's ok, i'll transpose it in a lower key...geezus!!... talk about a 3 humped camel! set list design by commitee is a disaster in the making. to quote my drummer ", that's all cracked out"

                      if you determine that your band is say for instance 80's metal band... dont play freakin brown eyed girl! if your a classic rock band... dont be playing any death metal... set lists should be consistant with the bands agenda, billing and abilities all at once.
                      i read that huge post with the so called "set list to make you rich and famous" and my god! ...that's a show i'd definitely want to miss, ...i think i have a root canal scheduled for the day that band plays at my favorite watering hole! lol!! (to the author of that post, i dont mean disrespect... but that set list is definitely cracked out, quilted patchworks are fine for country venues i suppose but mixing classic rock, old pop & top 40's music, funk, disco and newer sounds is just confusing to an audience... and you cant build your band's identity or even a show around it... )

                      always remember first and foremost... the audience sees our job as one thing and one thing only.... we are to ENTERTAIN them, we are the backdrop to their evening of swill drinking, pool shooting and vain attempts to get laid...and we're not to bore them, confuse them, amuse them or even steal their girlfriends from them (well... forget that last one hehe!) add to that what your band's job really should be.... develop your following... consistancy in what you play will help... choose your songs wisely.

                      Apples to Oranges....
                      Money earned playing in original band -4 years $500 (approx)
                      Money earned 6 years playing in a cover band- $31, 600 (approximately)

                      I understand your point... however if all you say is true, the I believe you are probably the expection. And not to pass judgment but you've made more money in 2 years playing originals than 20 playing covers.... and you're not signed yet?!??! Not sure that even makes sense.

                      People choose to be in bands for different reasons. I've played in my share of great original bands... and enjoyed myself immensely. The last two I've played with a successful local cover band and made some good cash. I will always favor my original music.... but never denounce when I get paid to play in any situation.
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                        To answer the question in the thread... "Killing In The Name" RATM.... will bring the house down!
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                          With the blues band...

                          I would say that "All About My Girl" gets the most applause, mainly because it's a jazz swing/shuffle where I'm doing piano.

                          With Mind Sky...

                          I'd say definitely "The Big Puzzle' by The Flower Kings, lots of peaks and valleys with an epic ending.
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                            We are a 3 plus 1 band
                            Drums, Vox
                            Bass, Vox
                            Guitar, Vox

                            We do classic rock Best reactions lately:

                            Baba O'Riley
                            Gold Dust Woman (I use a nice Sitar Drone on that one)
                            Hands Off (Rory Gallagher)
                            Ball and Chain
                            When It's Love (Van Halen)
                            I'm Your Captian (Grand Funk)
                            Geezer Brigade #28...

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                              In my bass band, the songs that got the most attention were the obvious ones:

                              Pour Some Sugar On Me
                              Livin on a Prayer
                              Sweet Child O Mine
                              whatever song came out that week, but then we could only play it for a few shows before it got tired.
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                                The ones that get the most response from our audiences which have already been mentioned include:

                                Wonderful Tonight
                                Sweet Home Alabama
                                Gimme Three Steps
                                Mustang Sally
                                Brick House
                                Play that Funky Music

                                These songs also heat up the dance floor for us:

                                Friends in Low Places
                                Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) <--Fills the floor every time we play it.

                                For our third set we do a staggered intro thing where each member of the band comes up on stage, picks up their instrument and starts playing with whoever else is playing while our singer says a bunch of stuff to introduce them to the audience. I've always been the first to start (as I play rhythm guitar more than leads) and usually do some melodic wanking before sliding into a funky groove for the rest of the guys to play to. A few weeks ago, for the first time, I decided to start off with a slightly tamer version of Jimi's Star Spangled Banner with full on distortion and throwing in some of the more memorable catch phrases (like TAPS). Even though I left out the larger sections of noise, I expected to get a bunch of grief from the crowd since it was a small-town festival we were playing and there were a large number of senior citizens there, but to my surprise, as I started in I heard the whole crowd singing along and big cheers when I finished up. that one's a definate keeper.
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