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How's the club scene in your town?

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  • How's the club scene in your town?

    So, where do you live, and how's the gigging scene there? What kinds of bands are the most popular, and it is fairly easy to get gigs, very cutthroat, a lot of diversity in the musical styles or very little?
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    Cover bands, and lots of them.
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      Washington DC. Getting better constantly. Felt like a wasteland to me a few years back, and quite likely I was just missing all the good stuff, but now there are two new venues opening that we're all expecting to be pretty decent places (one of which will be an all-ages place, which we really lack) and I'm hearing more good bands lately than I have in the past.


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        In my town it's so overbooked you can catch Carlos Santana at the Everett auditorium.

        The only act you can't catch here in the next couple of months is Ashley Simpson.

        This here town is drowning in music.


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          Ours is alright in Houston. Are town loves original and cover music. As long as is gets the place movin', they like it. Getting gigs is kind of easy, really easy if you know the right people. Our original music scene is good for bands, but the music is not that great. Most working original bands in Houston are either screamo metal or emo 'punk' BS. It gets tiring for my band because we don't fit in these catagories so we have few band friends we can do shows with.
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            salt lake city, utah. pretty crappy to be honest. 2 of our very few venues are shutting down, and pretty much all the bands here sound the same.


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              We're at the beach and there are alot of small clubs, its really a pretty good scene. We're established in this area so we stay fairly busy but the same clubs that we play are always giving the new bands a chance.

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                I live in Detroit ROCK City, so.......EVERYONE'S in a band. if you are in a good band, however, it can become competitive to get into the big toplay situations where the band must sell 60 $12 tix to step on stage without even a national act booked on the bill.

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                  Kansas City...hmmmm....

                  A lot of blues clubs. A lot of blues bands. And blues snobs. Yes, there are blues snobs...the kind of people who can sit there and say they've got an original Chess pressing of some dead guy hardly anyone has ever heard of. Which is fine...but...

                  Then there's a bit of a rock scene, which is cool...but probably a bit young for my taste.

                  My problem is, although I love blues, I don't JUST love blues. I like a lot of different stuff. And although I'm probably primarily a blues guitarist, the stuff I write usually doesn't even remotely resemble blues.

                  Then you get to the fringes of town where they like BOTH kahnds o' music, country AND western.
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                    Pretty bloody aweful here in South Oz. Just about every pub has poker machines which, in a nut shell, killed off live music when they were introduced around '96. There seems to be quite a number of venues available for duo's but not four or five piece rock bands.


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                      Probably well below average here in Southern Colorado, but there are a couple of really good bands that make any club sparkle. Here are a few descriptive sites for the locals:
                      Drunk Drummer
                      Peak Nightlife
                      Scene in the Springs


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                        If you ask ten New York players what the rock scene in NYC is like you'll probably get ten different answers.

                        I've been playing lower Manhattan clubs since the seventies, and it's basically the same crap just a bit smaller and meaner.

                        There are still a number of clubs to play but most of them don't have a built in crowds like clubs used to have, whoever your band gets in the room is all the people that are going to see you. There just isn't as much youth culture or interest in live music to support all the bands that are knocking around New York. It's hard for a band to make any dough doing original material (which is what I still do). And most bookers don't try to match up bands that are similar.

                        But I think the crowds are way more forgiving than they were years ago, it seems NYC crowds will accept any horrible crap onstage and be really sweet about it, which is cool with me. Back in the punk seventies we would boo just about anyone for just about anything. I generally think bands tend to be nicer and more supportive then they were years ago.




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                          in phoenix, arizona?

                          and tempe, arizona?


                          however at the ASU campus...

                          so many awesomely amazingly hot girls

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                            not very good, although there are some good original band, its mostly covers

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                              Originally posted by Lee Flier
                              So, where do you live, and how's the gigging scene there? What kinds of bands are the most popular, and it is fairly easy to get gigs, very cutthroat, a lot of diversity in the musical styles or very little?

                              The music scene in Baltimore SUCKS!!!

                              The clubs generally suck and don't pay sh!t.
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