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Easy acoustic popular singalong songs?


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  • Easy acoustic popular singalong songs?

    Need to learn some catchy but easy to learn acoustic songs that will get people singing along.

    stuff like knocking on heavens door, yesterday, wish you were here etc....
    any thoughts?

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    the weight ,,,, by the band. good chorus that every body can sing along. Pretty well everyone has seen the movie easy rider.


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      Friend Of the Devil - Grateful Dead
      Southern Cross - CSN
      Pink Houses - John Cougar
      Kickin' it in the sticks...


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        lay down sally has a good sing along chorus It works well as an acoustic song


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          American Pie always gets the crowd singing along.

          If you can remember all the lyrics, you're my hero!
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            If you're real charismatic and confident, bust these out for some singalong goodness:

            Mony, Mony
            Boom Boom (Out go the Lights)
            Kickin' it in the sticks...


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              Originally posted by squealie
              We've got too many trailers, taxes, websites, bartabs, bandHOs, hotel room keys, beer-runs, gas-allowances, mapquests, Riggins-fans, vending machine logistics, lamp-toss, guest-list, fredndebs, pingers, deers in a rut, and ringing cell phones....

              ....to worry about something as trivial as song selection.

              Originally Posted by Austincowbell

              God bless the groupıes.

              Check out this band, they don't suck: TK-421


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                Brown Eyed Girl is always a winner


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                  Redemption Song - Marley

                  No Woman No Cry - Marley

                  What I Got - Sublime

                  Santeria - Sublime

                  Plush - STP

                  Old Man - Niel Young

                  River's of Babylon - Sublime

                  Burn One Down - Ben Harper

                  All Along the Watchtower - Dylan

                  Hurricane - Dylan

                  Like a Rolling Stone - Dylan

                  Rainy Day Woman - Dylan

                  Twist N Shout - Beatles

                  I know I can't spell....

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                    From the country side of things

                    Ring of Fire
                    Folsom Prison Blues
                    So lonesome I could Cry
                    Kansas City
                    Cold Cold Heart
                    Pancho and Lefty
                    This Land
                    Family Tradition
                    Country Boy Can Survive
                    Thank God I'm a Country Boy

                    Basically, anything by John Denver, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Hank Sr or Jr, and many others.

                    Add into that list Me and Bobby McGee, lots of Dylan, and some Young.


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                      Mary Jane's Last Dance, and a lot of other Petty songs. Also Jack and Diane and other Mellancamp. Blister in the Sun or Kiss Off (Violent Femmes). Bad Leroy Brown. For What it's Worth. Me and Julio. These Boots are Made for Walking.
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                        "Yellow Submarine"...seriously.
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                          Kumbaya and Michael Row Your Boat Ashore.
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                            Not that I would ever sing it but "I've got friends in Low Places".. Is a great sing along song for bars.. I have been on cruise ships where that was played and the whole ship sang it... young and old
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                              I like the Cash, and the Beatles but some of those others are ****************ing boooooooooring.

                              Cracker: Low
                              Oasis: Morning Glory, Talk Tonight, Wonderwall
                              Neil Young: Heart of Gold, Ambulance Blues, Bad Fog of Lonliness
                              Wilco: Jesus etc
                              Allman Brothers: Melissa
                              Rotten Apple: Alice
                              Nutshell: Alice
                              Where did you sleep last night: Nirvana/Leadbelly
                              Something in the way she moves: James Taylor
                              Operator: Jim Croce
                              Sweet Baby James: James Taylor
                              Soulshine: Warren Haynes
                              Lucky: Radiohead
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