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Quick promo clip from cool phone.


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  • Quick promo clip from cool phone.

    We recently played in Savannah for the first time, small crowd, but we're kinda getting use to that on our first try in new cities. At the show this kid had this wicked new phone with HD Video and he gave us the stuff he shot. Unfortunately it lost a lot of quality compared to how it looked on his phone, I wish I could show it the way it looked before.

    Anyway we got invited back to play in 6 weeks and the loss of Myspace is making us work a little harder these days to find ways to promote out of town. My singer spliced this together yesterday and we sent it out to some of the local blogs down there and the venue's Facebook. I'm still trippin on that kids phone so I thought I would share. Rock!


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    You guys are good!

    If you are doing internet promo to clubs, make a good-looking .pdf promopak to go along with any video and/or audio. Its one of the best things weve done
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      That's a great promo, I am impressed.

      Shouldn't the name of the band be in there somewhere?
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        Very impressed with the band and the lights. The video is shaky and some people will start feeling sick but that isn
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        Band promo shots on railroad tracks were cool in 1981...


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          Shouldn't the name of the band be in there somewhere?

          Doh!! *slaps head*

          Thanks guys.

          Hey DevilRay, I use to live in Tampa years ago. I really miss it. I had more friends there than I think I've ever had at any other time. I really like it.


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            Very impressed with the band and the lights.

            Thanks JW. I missed your post yesterday. I'm happy you liked it.


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                Wow your guys are really good. I love how the video was shot.