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Guitar players, what amp(s) are you using?


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    Mesa Mk III 1x12 combo ....
    blonde 335
    '74 LP Dlx
    '05 LP Std Faded Honeyburst - the 'modern '59 burst'
    Mesa LSC 2x12
    Mesa Mark III 1x12 (purple)
    '90 J-45

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    Hendrix was an alien from a musically advanced species sent here to show us what a guitar can really do.


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      Guitar 1: Pedal board (Plimsoul, tuner, noise gate, wah, a couple others) > Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

      Guitar 2: Line 6 Pod 300 > Crate 30 watt head > Vox 4x10 cab


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        Peavey Classic 30 (purchased 2008). I had the preamp and power amp tubes changed to Groove Tubes in 2011, which makes it sound even better than it did before. It works great for the 50s/60s, classic rock, 80s and country that make up most of our setlist.

        Used to use a solid-state Peavey Studio Pro 112 (1989 model, gray stripe), which is great for hard rock and metal. I still have that one as well and may use it in the future for a metal side project.
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          Quote Originally Posted by roamingbard13
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          Recently changed to a Budda SD18 and 2x12 cab. Cleans aren't as nice as my Egnater Renegade, but the crunch is great. The 18 watt head is plenty loud for all of the venues I play.

          Might try to change again though...the gear itch is tough to beat.

          I'm using an SD-18 into a 2x12 as well. VERY happy with it. I love the tone, and it's not too hard on my back either. It's gonna take a lot to get me to change...cleans are overrated!
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            Quote Originally Posted by stratotastic
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            Hey Mike--what happened to that Marshall??

            I still have it. I haven't done anything to the tubes yet. Gonna take some TLC to get into shape, but it'll get there!

            Plus, I just can't seem to let go of the Peavey!!!
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              I must be losing my friggin' mind!

              For years I used my Tech 21 TM60 'cause it's lightweight, indestructible and sounds great. It was far better sounding than crappy SS amps I'd had in the past and far more reliable than my late 70's boat anchor Twin Reverb. Then I decided to join the 21st century and began using my Digitech GSP1101 direct to the board. After I adjusted to that I began loving it and was getting great guitar sound again. I reached a hi-tech peak recently when I used Amplitube on my iPod touch through my Roland keyboard amp at a jam session and got some wonderful guitar sound.

              Then our bass player starts thinking we should just use the PA for vocals so I begin hauling the Tech 21 amp along again. Then yesterday in a moment of devolutionary insanity I ordered a Marshall DSL40c.


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                Quote Originally Posted by mstreck
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                I still have it. I haven't done anything to the tubes yet. Gonna take some TLC to get into shape, but it'll get there!

                Plus, I just can't seem to let go of the Peavey!!!

                Well if you ever decide you don't want it...


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                  Roland JC90. It is ss but a good ss amp. I use my pedals for distortion, but the chorus on the amp is killer.


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                    Got a bunch of vintage Garnets
                    JAM Guitar Lessons. The Long Johns.


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                      Jet City 22h into a Randall 2x12 w/ WGS ET65 speakers & with a DigiTech RP500 in the loop.


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                        Quote Originally Posted by minn12
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                        Blackface Fender Deluxe Reverb. Overdrive/effects comes from the pedalboard.

                        yes please
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                          Peavey 5150 1st Edition through my recently purchased Blackstar 2X12.
                          -Jackson Rhoads with Floyd Rose and EMGs 81/81
                          -Jackson King V with Duncan Designed PUs
                          -Jackson Rhoads with Floyd Roase and Seymour Duncans JB and Jazz
                          -Platinum BC Rich Warlock with Seymour Duncan Distortion in bridge
                          -Fender Stratocaster with Seymour Duncan Hotrail in bridge
                          -1968 Alvarez Classical guitar

                          -Peavy 5150 First Edition
                          -Marshal Valve 30 R

                          POD X3 Live


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                            Lately been using my Blues Jr. but when I'm feeling strong I'll use a 73 Twin Reverb. For the places my band plays the jr is just fine.


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                              Mesa TA15, Thiele C90, open back Mesa Vintage 30 mostly. Real small gigs, a Gibson GA6 Discoverer.
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                              Preaching to the choir Rush in on a whole different level to quote a movie You might listen to Rush but you cant here Rush



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                                I know a guy who plays a Digitech RP350 modelling pedal through whatever clean amp is around (i.e. a pro PA, keyboard amp, Peavey Bandit, etc).

                                I would not have believed how good he could sound until I heard it with my own two ears, and watched him use 20 different great guitar sounds in one night, switching between them faster than I can change presets on my piano!

                                Do daemons dream of electric sleep()?