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How far ahead do you post your Facebook events?

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  • How far ahead do you post your Facebook events?

    that week?

    the week before?

    as soon as it's booked?

    and why? what's the logic?
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    We usually create a FB event from the band's FB page for each upcoming gig roughly 2 weeks prior to the gig. If my understanding of FB's algorithms is correct - the event will be posted to everybody who has "liked" the band page and selected the "Show In News Feed" option when they "liked" the band's page.

    Then each band member "shares" the FB event to their personal friend list - which (AFAIK) delivers it to anybody who would normally see postings from the band member who shared it.

    Finally, each band member posts a reminder "share" a day or two before the event - which again hits the wall of anybody who would normally see the posting from the the band member who shared it.

    The band FB page has roughly 275 "likes" ... plus whatever each of us have in terms of personal friends list (our combined personal friend lists total roughly 700 people). Obviously there's some overlap ... but it's probably safe to say that a single round of band "shares" primes the pump by announcing the event to 700 people.

    Then there are the ancillary shares ... for example, my kid "shares" our events to his friend list of 1,000+, etc. Gawd only know how many others do the same. All I can say is that I never ceased to be amazed by the fact that every "event" always seems to appear on my FB wall - shared by somebody who is a friend of a friend of a friend within a couple of days have having been created.

    We find it to be an incredibly effective tool for letting folks know when we're performing. It works so well, that our "home" bar typically has every table in the joint "reserved" within a couple of days of us initially creating an event. One of my hockey buddies complained in the locker room one night saying ... "WTF, I can get tickets for U2 without a problem ... but I can't get a table to see the Superstars of Rock?" (Disclaimer - I am not even trying to compare us with U2 - I'm simply pointing out how well FB seems to work for us !!)
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      very articulate

      good info

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        I have a question along these lines; Is there a way to "invite" people who liked your facebook band page but that you are not friends with? our band page has about 200 likes, and i have 100 friends, about 60 of which like the bands page. So thats 140 people im missing when I create an event. I'd like to be able to invite everyone without saturating my friends list with people i dont know too well.
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          Like Spacenorman, I try and create our events two weeks out. I figure this is a good medium ground. A month in advance and people may forget, a week in advance, and they may already have plans. I must admit, we probably need to do a better job of inviting or sharing it amongst the band members friends. I share it to the friends that are local to me and the singer does too, but I'm not sure the bass player and drummer do the same thing. We have practice tonight, so I'll mention it.

          Oh, I also make it a point to not "invite" all of my friends. I try and keep it local. I have a lot of friends in other parts of the country and don't want to piss them off by inviting them to shows they would never make. I don't mind pissing off the locals, because they should be coming anyways.
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            I post the event as soon as it's booked - and send out invites about two or three weeks ahead of time. Sometimes, if we're really busy, I forget and don't send out invites until the week before.
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              For FaceBook marketing, I post the next event. It doesn't matter if that next one is the following week, or the following month. If you go to our FaceBook page, you know when the next time you can see us is. If we have a lot of stuff booked back to back, I publish a calendar of events, but that only goes a month out.

              Emails get sent out a week ahead of time.

              We do post every confirmed gig on our website though. Soon I will book for 2013 at our 3 most frequent clubs, which will include dates all the way out to December. Every one of them will be posted there.
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                We usually post it as we book it, partly because our web guy loves making posters, and they're huge hits among the crowd--many times the venue's had posters "stolen" by night's end, and we get asked for prints of them. But the even just kind of sits on the FB page until two weeks before or so, then we send out invites, and then we promote it on our personal pages a few days before the event.
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                  After I book the gig...I make the "Event" on our page. We have a few already for 2013 6 months from now. Send out invites a couple of weeks ahead of time. And flood our walls the week of the event as a reminder. One thing I like about making the events as they get booked, is, you can tell people to look at the events section of your page, and they can get an idea if you are available if they are looking to book.
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