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  • Shout Out for Modulusman!

    Little back story first.

    Got flown to way north North Dakota Wed.(2miles from Canada) to troubleshoot some equip. and transport 3 semis back that afternoon.

    Discovered that it would be a complete waste of resources to do that and ended up having to stay there till Sat. to repair and negotiate some other things. (to bad you can't fix stupid!)

    Anyways on my way back I pass through Modulusmans home town frequently and have struck a relationship with him,so I call him up to see what hes doing that evening,maybe get some coffee and a meal as well as good conversation to break up my 12hr drive.

    He invites me to a local bar where he and his side gig are playing that weekend so yeah why not.

    Show up about mid first set.

    Good sound, well balanced,great players all of them. They break and ask me if I'd like to play a few,why not. I tell them, but realize I haven't had a change of clothes and shower in 4 days,so the only offensive thing besides my playing and singing might be my odor!

    Get up and play a few of the standards we all love to hate,Jenny Jenny and such on the guitarist and singers equip. Fumbled my way through okay and had a great time.

    After 4 days of frustration and non-stop listening to other peoples stupidity it was just what this guy needed.

    Modulus,Mr. M the guitar player,Mr.R the drummer,Mr B the keyboard player,made me feel very comfortable and welcome!

    Great guys Great band,good time.

    My thanx to them!
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    Thanks JD. I'm glad you made it home OK on the icey roads. It was fun playing with you. Too bad the crowd was small, it did pick up some after you left. Maybe some day I can come and watch your band play.